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Tjibbe Veenema is our endodontics specialist. He has the expertise and patience to execute root canal treatments with precision.
When you experience sensitivity when drinking hot or cold drinks, or when chewing food, you might be experiencing the effects of an inflamed root canal. You can recognize this if you are experiencing an intense pain that extends through your jaw or ear.

Your teeth are divided into the crown and the root. The crown is the part that is visible in the mouth, the root is seated underneath the gums. The root canal sits within the roots of your teeth and extends from the tip of the root to halfway through the crown. The root canal contains blood vessels and nerve endings, aptly named the ‘pulp’.

During a root canal treatment, the inflamed part of the pulp will be removed and a ‘canal filling’ is applied.

Before starting the root canal treatment, some diagnostic research needs to be done. Firstly, our specialist will take x-ray pictures of the tooth that is likely the cause of the pain. After the diagnosis an appointment for the actual treatment is made.

The root canal treatment starts with anaesthetics. Afterwards, the specialist will drill a small hole in the top of the tooth to gain access to the root canal. After gaining access, the specialist will use different sizes of files to file up the root canal to get rid of any affected tissue. Afterwards the specialist will rinse the root canal with a disinfecting solution. Finally, the canal filling is applied and the crown is filled with a matching coloured composite filling.

Any dentist can perform basic root canal treatments, but sometimes a specialist is needed for a successful result.
At our dental practise, as mentioned before, we have Tjibbe Veenema working as our endodontics specialist. He is part of the Dutch Association of Endodontics. You can book an appointment for a consultation for your specific toothache or dental injury.