Inspection and maintenance

Minerva dentistry offers more then just a half year checkup for control of your teeth.

Control and Care

Dental hygiene : cleaning & prevention
Clean teeth are healthier! Visiting one of our dental hygienists help to prevent tooth tartar
and stains which can lead to cavities and unhealthy gums which will easily bleed causing irritation and eventually loss of teeth.

Don’t wait for tooth pain or bloody gums. The dental hygienists will see to a good cleaning and give you tips on good mouth hygiene. The toothbrush and other dental tools
will not be a secret or taboo to you anymore.


Orthodontic Treatment : A solution for irritation of gums

Sometimes visiting the dental hygienist on a annual base is not enough for healthier gums
in which case more visits are needed for an intensive treatment. Bacteria tests can be
made to find the cause of your gum irritation. In this way we are able to find an efficient solution. ( please read our folder )


Implants: A titanium root

An implant is a piece of titanium that’s placed in the jawbone. It’s actually a metal root.
There are many possibilities and we do the implants as well as other crowns , bridges or
gingival masks are done at the practice when means the best results will come out of your
treatment by our dentists. You can get a crown or implant for 1300 euros. See how it’s
done. ( please look at the film clip )


Aesthetic : beautiful teeth

Healthy and strong teeth are important but a lot of people also like beautiful teeth as well. So you might want to have a broken or bad coloured tooth repaired or corrected.
Possibilities like facing ( from porcelain or composite ) or a crown. Prosthodontics is also apossibility.


Bleaching: whiter teeth

There are two choices for lighter teeth.
.Zoom 2: bleaching with ultraviolet light. This process is 3x 15 minutes with short pauses in between within 2 hours you’ll have that brilliant white smile.
.Home bleaching: we’ll make a personal bleach mix for you to mix with a gel. This way you can do this at home and we have a variation from mild to stronger with spectacular results.
(even teeth coloured by antibiotic treatment)

The Ivory Cross has a (folder)about bleaching.



Invisalign: tooth correction with invisible braces
We use an American system called Invisalign which can align teeth with the same result as
conventional braces. The advantage is that they are hardly visible and are removable.

Xray pictures of the teeth are made then sent to America. A computer animation is then created to precision to see what the results will be. The price can vary between 2990 up to 4500 a complete treatment.

6 months orthodontics : Your teeth can be aligned on the average of six months.
With the technique of metals or transparent locks tooth alignment can be handled in six
months. The big advantage is the short time and that it is cheaper then Invisalign.